Amcatron Technology Co., Ltd. recently developed its new ESD coating technique on pen, keyboard,
mouse, stationery, file folder, and other office appliances to meet customers' requirements for a
non-static office working environment.

ESD life span of the coated objects with Amcatron new ESD coating technique can last for one year
and then gradually decay as time passes.

Surface resistivity after coating is around 10e7~9 ohm/sq. on most of the coated objects, while few
could be 10e10~11 ohm/sq.. However, some may not be suitable to be applied with the new coating
technique owing to the materials of the objects.

Customers can send the objects to Amcatron for coating service. Coating fee will be quoted when
enquiring or before coating, if the materials of the objects are not sure to be suitable for coating or not.
Also customers can buy the required objects with coating treatment directly from Amcatron.

Contact us with the quantity required for a price quote!